Before & After

Who doesnt like to look at before and afters? We thank everyone for allowing us to capture there um… before photos!

These are samples of hair & makeup before and after so you can see our skills as a whole, some photos show both hair and makeup, some just makeup!

Hair coloring is somewhat a science because to achieve the perfect hair color as seen in the before and after hair color pictures many things must be taken into consideration which includes skin tone, age, even lifestyle! it is, in fact, no simple to get or to decide for a color just watching the hair before after pictures. Hair color must basically stick to colors that compliment the skin tone as seen in the hair color before and after photos.

As seen in the beauty shows about before after hair dye, a good hair colorist will without difficulty and still more if the hair is in healthy condition, figure out if the result can be obtained with a single process of color or highlights, sometimes the combination of both. Of course the hair colorist will start to create the hair color formula after knowing which shades are naturally preferred by the customer and what she or him love best for a point to start with as shown in the hair color before after hair pictures, for a clear example of what before after hair color results should be, before after hair dye.

Before and After Hair Color

Rodolfo Valentin Salons celebrity hair colorists are worldwide famous as the hair color specialists as shown in the before and after hair color images, or before after hair dye videos, famous for repairing hair color damages plus the indicated hair colorists to achieve the perfect 10 hair color results winners of the “Hair Coloring Techniques award” and winners of the “Top Hair Colorists” NYC and Long Island NY award. As the hair color specialists realize that “coloring the hair enhances the looks and confidence of the clients”.

Highly experienced hair colorists after years of working at Rodolfo Valentin salons have learned that no every color printed in a photo can look the same in the customer. Many times they refuse to do a color that will not go with the customer features and insist to them to hold into their natural color where just an accent will merely improve it. Accent can be a shiny gloss color bath, highlights or lowlights depending on the natural basic shade as seen in the hair color before after hair.

As an example, people that have super pale skin and brown hair and desire go for lighter shades are in the right path since super dark colors can wash out the face and sometimes add some years to the age. Sun-kissed brunettes are gorgeous stunning!

Achieve the hair color you are craving by having a complimentary consultation appointment at Rodolfo Valentin Salons in New York City, NYC and Long Island NY award-winning salons to achieve the hair color of your dreams.