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Grandpa will become famous village ringing character. The main thing on the gift repeatedly in preparation to please
Chapter 209 Mandy's room very tidy, spotless every corner. It seems that men and women differ not only in different physiological. Mostly different living habits, like clean and seems to be every girl's nature. They come in the house just the rent is also very clean, over time on the show to its essence, and now it seems simply unsightly. Three scruffy men live together, underwear litter, dust of the earth more than an inch thick. Shizuo and justice groups odor, I'm afraid, and Japan produced 731 gas bombs a spell. Really Tianduyingcai, if they were born a few decades earlier, the Japanese devils never rampant in China for 8 years. This is definitely a great loss to the whole nation. No wonder every time Mary will be a hand over his nose into other hand kept moving back and forth, angrily: "This is a place where people live, is really a pig nest." We always hehe smile disagree. Pigsties on pigsties, pig, what is wrong? Whenever mention pigs, Xiaolei heart always feel very close. Of course, this can not be said to have some blood on the relationship between him and the pig, his love of pigs originally derived grandfather Chen silent. Open to a future. Mr Moran Since nothing was later diverted to the butcher, and soon became known for the butcher keening Titans. His ability butcher though not the culmination but at least you can say is consummate. These natural ability from his bloody liberation among the Japanese devils. He often said, is not making a fuss butcher, not a dinner party, not painted embroidery, not flirtation. But a technique, a science, an art creation and enjoyment of the arts. Butcher and murder, must have a very deep attainments. If these words are from someone else's mouth, Xiaolei have a fit of anger, you may spot spit saliva on his face, and then go to his two bitter slap in the face. And pointing to his nose and asked: "Why would only see a murderer in jail, while the butcher was all right." But these words from the mouth of his beloved grandfather, the effect will be different. Sometimes he even suspect that this is a very deep theory. Is a well-weathered old man summed up his life before we realize the philosophy of life. Time. Whenever the holidays, weddings or someone's marriage, Grandpa will become famous village ringing character. The main thing on the gift repeatedly in preparation to please, Grandpa always keen on the idea, first took out Daiguo child, and slowly put on tobacco, come on Huolian point, and then pit pumping a few mouthfuls. And so had enough of the addiction,Doudoune Canada Respirante Goose Homme Calgary Graphite Discount, this pops knock to smoke feces, immediately becomes lively. Readily took that long to Chiban shining Shazhu Dao, will be set off as a heroic warrior. Then the high drink loudly: "leading the way!." To the victim home, steward always happily handle a beat: "The Presbyterian come, this matter has become, Presbyterian one hand will know there is no", then respectfully arrived on a big front door cigarette end Laobaigan name on the bowl. Mr Moran took the cigarette, clip on the ear, and then end over wine, drink it unceremoniously pound mouthfuls, wiping a graying beard and said: "The pig driven out." Xiaolei will look like when the four-year-old, often followed Pidianpidian ass grandpa to watch and want to learn a skill. Pig just left circle like, naive swagger, seemed leisurely and generous. May, as people will not easily close. Otherwise you will flee the scene out of control. Then people will see the butcher's profound attainments come. Mr Moran pretend nothing had happened slowly close, and then stretched out four fingers on the belly gently scratch the pig, the pig did not expect it to listen to his words. Even motionless, and finally slowly lay down, as if to enjoy it. Then his face suddenly doubled Chen silent, suddenly kicked slam pig's neck. Pigs could not move, understand how it happens, suddenly kicking limbs, kill the pig uttered a veritable howling. But it was too late, I saw him pull out that the Chiban long shining sword, high drink loudly: "to take the pot, then pig." When he finished, shiny knife blade bite mouth, his hands stroking about both sides of the sleeve, to pot a backhand picked up the knife, aligned pig brother's neck knife down, blood on the gurgling flow. The pig Mr. final few struggling desperately, supercilious doubled, riding a crane to the West. From the hog out of the ring, to less than three minutes after Mr. pig soon died, no trace of dragging its feet, everywhere seemed cleanly. Xiaolei see stay, the reigning grandfather awe. A strong 200 kilos of pig actually stepped on by his ow howling, and ultimately could not rolled over. It seems that skill alone is not enough, it may require much effort ah? Gradually the cold watching the pig's body, like a gladiator arena Chen silent warriors fight to win, revealing a proud smile. Wiped the blood on the knife on the pig, and then took the victim arrived respectfully over the big front door, satisfaction puff, one raising his hand gestures boast:!! "Good Good Pig Pig out at least 180 pounds meat, I never had a pig Presbyterian phase fault, not the 180 pounds, count me crap, you smashed my sign! ":"? That is, that is what the master craft Presbyterian never wrong. " Steward respectful,just one shot, submissive. Xiaolei think they might not scared grandfather, but that the Sha Zhudao his hand. At that time he was very young, looked scared, sometimes shivering with fear, but the total is still tempted to chase look. Especially kicking howling like a pig, has given his heart to leave an indelible shadow of terror. If you are a real person was killed in a knife like this, it would be a matter of how appalling. Grandpa did a butcher, no less murder, less dead in his sword Japs definitely better than homicide pigs. This makes his grandmother every day in fear, often pray to Buddha Amitabha I read that this can reduce the sins of my grandfather, died and at least will not be hell. Among them a grandfather who loved him, he was his grandfather's wish, was his grandfather's lifeblood. Chen Chunsheng born humble, do not bother to say a word throughout the year as Shuangda eggplant. By Chen's words can not become what silent atmosphere, no ass to kick tripod. He put all hopes are pinned on the body Xiaolei, hope he will grow up to succeed the family line, so he was extremely spoiled. Very naughty little time, often to the family trouble, but never had to be afraid, because he knows that even if one day really poke a hole in the day it does not matter, my grandfather would stand up for his own safety to withstand. Unfortunately, he had just married my grandfather died, which made him very sad, because in the long years later, he lost a strong umbrella. Nobody was thinking when I was bullied will bravely stand up. Nobody took him to see the butcher performances, no one to accompany him to go to catch the snow bunny, nobody taught him prepared cages installed Grasshopper, tears streaming down drop by drop. He lost a loved loved ones, we have lost a kindly neighbor, keening lost a heroic feminist Titans. Chen said the dead to not eat mixed pork butcher still, at least as silent as Chen butcher innocent fire technique is gone. After marriage know, Rati grandfather Liu Lenz also have done two butcher, but technology has almost. The most awkward time, the knife did not identify the location, not stabbed the knife down in the pig heart, but it's inserted into the esophagus and trachea, the results pig climb up a struggle, like a drink of wine drunk , scurrying around the yard. No trapping six people, a few timid scared Cengceng then he went to the tree, really fast as light as civet cats and apes, and do not know how to dodge excel. Finally, while pigs scurry, ran out of sight, the victim family day without doing anything else, the net Guzhe looking pig. Dark, when the pig was staggered back home stuck a knife on the neck, died the next day alone in the barn. Xiaolei never forget my grandfather told him the previous sentence: "Boy, remember, first of life to learn a feminist." Remember in school when the teacher education they say: "No knowledge first of life." Later learning electrician, master electrician taught also said: "No school electrician first of life." Learn what the feelings of his grandmother must first learn to behave. School is a secondary thing to do is a major talent. So then, he would strive to learn how to behave, grow up when he feels that he has is when a person. Look around, but found that a lot of people who are called simply not human.
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