Hair Color

WE LOVE COLOR! Whether you are looking for Rich deep colors, soft beautiful blondes, or Vibrant bright colors we can do it all! We love to give you something unique, something that screams you… Call us today and we will match you up with a stylist today! lanka can do basic color, Ombre, Balayage, hilights, color designs, we even create our own custom color techniques like feather coloring, or sugar & spice! At lanka, you are all UNIQUE!


Do blondes really have more fun? Find out for yourself! Isn’t it time for a new look or to lighten up for the summer…going blonde may be the answer for you. There are so many blonde colors to choose from. You can drastically change your look or do subtle highlights to freshen up your hair color. Consider your skin tone and eye color to see if blonde hair is right for you. Blonde hair usually goes well with a pink skin tone and blue or green eyes. Blonde hair colors are not flattering to dark skin or dark eyes. It actually can make you look older and washed out. You may want to try a semi-permanent hair color before you commit to a new look. Looking for a color can be tricky. Don’t always trust the color on the box. The color will vary on your hair. Choosing your hair color from actual hair swatches is the most accurate way to pick a color.

Blonde Hair Coloring Tips

After you have decided what shade of blonde you want to be there are a few hair-coloring tips to follow. Never wash your hair the same day you are coloring your hair. Also, wash your hair the day before for better results. Your hair should be completely dry before applying any color. Apply moisture around your hairline to prevent hair color from dying your skin on your face or neck.

If you are coloring your own hair, part hair into sections and apply color from the roots to the ends. Follow the packet directions and apply the color evenly. Leave the solution on for the time that the directions say, and then rinse hair out with warm water for 5 minutes. Squeeze out excess water and apply a conditioner that comes with the color kit. Do not wash your hair for a few days for best results.

Remember that semi-permanent color washes out with each shampoo and it will gradually fade. Touch up your hair color regularly to prevent your roots or gray from showing and to keep your hair color looking even.