Makeup Tutorial for Brown Eyes

Let me teach you an evening look that is certainly dark and smokey, it is employed in the day time which has a different combination of colors. Follow these simple guidelines and figure out how to build a great brown eye for virtually any occasion.

Choose 3 shades of brown eyeshadow that may be cream or powder based on how heavy you choose them to be. Then use brownish, or light brown and you should be able to use other colors to combine some misconception such as gray or black.

Apply basics on your eyelid, this will help the makeup from creasing or smudging in the daytime. You now need to apply the middle brown onto the lid, make sure you apply everywhere in the lid and in the crease with the eye. You can utilize any regular brush due to this application.

Now consider the darkest brown color that has a blending brush apply to the crease of the eye. Also, you can blend it with their first brown color rebuild look more even out the look and feel. Now make light brown color, you are able to put it on two ways.

Either buy applying it slightly below the eyebrow arch or offer your eyebrow more definition or simple by blending it in the eyeshadow to lighten the makeup a bit.

Adding false lashes will assist you with a more dramatic, evening look. Also, you can add glitter onto a person’s eye with the little extra glamor. Make sure to blend your makeup. Blending really makes or breaks the smokey eye look.

Choose a great blending brush which you can use repeatedly. You can test this look with various colors, test pinks for a flirty look or beige with an everyday, casual look. The probabilities are endless.